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Taking the Lead is a uniquely compelling video series that examines the changing, challenging world of management at the dawn of the 21st century. Multinational markets and global competition...the explosive force of technology...the cultural and social diversity of the workforce...the emphasis on environmental awareness and social responsibility are radically changing the world of business. Each program in Taking the Lead combines vision with reality, and long-term goals with day-to-day strategies, providing students and casual viewers alike with the insight to survive and succeed in the rapidly changing business world. Taking the Lead features the following episodes:

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Topics Covered in Taking the Lead:

1. Management At Work
The Managerial World

2. In Transition
The Changing, Challenging Environment of Management

3. Setting the Stage
The Planning Process

4. The Game Plan
Strategic, Business, and Department-level Planning

5. Calling the Shots
Decision Making

6. Putting It Together
The Principals of Organizing

7. Laying the Groundwork
Organizational Design

8. Running the Show
Influence, Power and Authority

9. Heart of the Matter
Organizational Climate

10. Shifting Gears
Managing Organizational Change

11. Help Wanted
Recruitment and Selection of Employees

12. High Performance
Staff Development and Maintenance

13. Keeping in Touch
Interpersonal and Organizational Communication

14. All Systems Go
Motivating for Excellence

15. Pulling It Together
Building Morale and Commitment

16. At the Helm
Styles of Leadership

17. Working It Out
Managing Organizational Conflict

18. Keeping Track
Management and Control

19. It All Adds Up
Financial Methods of Control

20. Taking Stock
Production/Operations Management

21. Point of Information
Information Systems Management

22. Above and Beyond
Managing for Productivity

23. World of Opportunity
Managing in a Global Environment

24. The Right Fit
The Individual and the Organization

25. Making Choices
Managerial Ethics

26. For the Common Good
Social Responsibility and Management

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