How iLRN Works
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Higher Education

Instructors who license a course may create their own supplementary web site by downloading iLRN materials by course, personalizing the modules with instructor-specific course information, and then importing the components into a Course Management System (CMS).

Materials may also be downloaded from iLRN in a generic web-based format, then personalized and posted to the institution’s online course server.

iLRN resources will give instructors a framework for building online components, while allowing flexibility to incorporate other information, e.g. publisher or instructor created materials.

iLRNMaterials tied to undergraduate courses include:

Adult Education

Whether you use Crossroads Café, On Common Ground, Madison Heights or Lifelines you will find a variety of teaching tools and other resources that will enrich both the teaching and learning experience using these critically-acclaimed television and print courses.

There are absolutely no fees or costs for this service. all you need is a computer with Internet connectivity and Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing and printing PDF documents.