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Teacher's kits provide a complete teaching system for teachers, tutors, parents or volunteers who teach literacy skills. The lessons are clear, concise, organized, logical, understandable, and easy to teach and to learn. The teaching system is cost-effective because a multi-sensory chalkboard method is used. Students work at the chalkboard, an approach which promotes teacher-student interaction and allows the teacher immediate assessment of the student's work.

For Schools:

Basic Teacher's Kit-C500
(Recommended for grades 1 through 6)
$269.00 Manual

Kindergarten & Pre-First Grade Teacher’s Kit-C550
(Recommended for students ages 4-6)
$259.00 Manual

Intermediate and Adult Education Kit-C610
(Recommended for Middle School, High School, and Adult Education.)
$149.00 Manual

Special-Education Kit-C560
(Recommended for use with visually-impaired and learning-disabled students.)
$289.00 Manual

The manual contained in this kit is identical to that in the Basic Teacher's Kit (C500). Reverse Listening Cards A set of 1,728 large-print cards breaks the skills down into smaller increments. There are 24 cards for use with each of the 72 skills. Posters Same as the posters in the Basic Teacher's Kit (C500).

For Individuals

Homeschool Kit-C522
(Recommended for use in home schooling or with four or fewer students).
$134.00 Manual

Same as the manual in the Basic Teacher's Kit (C500). Reverse Listening Cards 152 cards, 16 in each of the 6 skill areas. Posters Two 8 " x 11" mini-posters are included with this kit. One show the 42 sounds; the other shows consonant blends.

Parent's Mini Manual
(Summary of the Teacher's Manual for parents or tutors who want to help students outside the classroom)

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