Video Resouces Software’s Ascend Assessment Package
has the capability to:

  • prescribe standards based curriculum tailored to every student's strengths and weaknesses
  • integrate with AceMath to deliver targeted video instruction
  • interactive practice and reinforcement tools
  • monitor student performance and adjust instruction in line with the results
  • administer assessments
    • easily create reports for accountability
    • teachers
    • principals
    • grant applications
    • administrators
    • parents


Ascend’s initial assessment reveals an individual student’s gaps in critical skill areas and prescribes the best course of study to achieve a desired learning level. Preassessment results allow you to facilitate individualized instruction for each student in a class thereby focusing on the skill areas that need the most improvement without spending time on areas already mastered.

Individualized, Targeted Instruction

If you had unlimited time, you could support each student the way he or she learns best. By providing individualized video instruction for your entire class, AceMath leverages your ability to provide one-on-one instruction with those who may have difficulties with a particular concept. As a teacher, instead of conducting direct instruction that is maybe hitting 10 of the 30 students in a classroom, teachers can walk around and really work with each student on his deficiencies.  For example, Title I students can be doing one activity, students needing remediation can be working three grades below grade level, and gifted and talented students can be working three grades ahead.

Accountability and Reporting

Data obtained from high stakes assessments can have a major impact on the standing of your school or district. In addition, data obtained from lower stakes assessments and day-to-day evidence gathering can be an invaluable tool for performance improvement. Ascend allows teachers to quickly evaluate progress and adjust course work as necessary. Offering reports that are printable at an individual level, class level, or administrator level, the Ascend Assessment Package provides instant reporting that will always be available when decisions must be made.