C610 Intermediate & Adult Teacher's Kit
(Recommended for Middle School, High School, and Adult Education )

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Includes:  A two-volume Teacher's Manual covering the same material as the C500 but is designed for use with older students. The set also includes a Student Involvement Material Book with worksheets and activities to enhance learning (black line), 192 reverse listening cards, 2 wall size posters showing the 42 sounds of the alphabet and blends, and an Enrichment CD-ROM with teacher helps.

C610 Teacher's Manual

This kit contains a two-volume 561-page teacher's manual. The Intermediate and Adult Education Kit covers the same material as the Basic Teacher's Kit (C500), but this version is designed to help the student move through the material more rapidly.

Enrichment CD-ROM

This CD-ROM provides step-by-step instruction for using the method and materials. Video footage is also included demonstrating the direct instruction method. Student Involvement Material masters, included on the CD-ROM, print directly from the computer.

C610 Reverse Listening Cards

Included are 192 different cards. Each card set is color-coded to specific sections in the manual. "Reverse Listening Cards" refers to reversing the listening skill to a reading skill.

C610 Posters

This kit includes two wall-size posters. One shows the 42 sounds of the alphabet. The other shows consonant blends

C610 Student Involvement Material

The Student Involvement Material comes contained in a spiral-bound volume with worksheets and activities specifically designed to enhance older students' learning needs. These black-line masters can be photocopied, eliminating the need to repurchase materials