Discover Intensive Phonics for Yourself is taught in a logical sequence. The alphabet is introduced in sets of four consonants and one vowel. Each letter is introduced individually and the student learns the name, sound, and formation (upper and lower case) simultaneously.

The student is then taught to combine the consonants with the vowel sound, blending the sounds together in what is called a "slide." Consonants from within the group of letters learned are then added as ending sounds, forming words.

Word meaning is stressed from the beginning, and sentence structure begins following the introduction of the second set of consonants and vowels. As each new set of letters is introduced, they are combined with those previously learned.

The program continues through the entire alphabet and then adds blends. The long vowel sounds are taught and five phonetic skills (explained in more detail under Multi-sensory) are presented, helping students know and identify the five patterns of English words. The remaining 42 sounds are taught (murmur diphthongs, digraphs, special vowel sounds, etc.).

Lastly, a two-step decoding skill is taught. Skillful readers' ability to read long words depends on their ability to break words into syllables. Discover Intensive Phonics teaches students to break words into syllables and apply the five phonetic skills they've learned. Consequently, they can read any length word. As students move through the logical sequence of the course, they experience learning success in incremental steps while receiving continuous, positive reinforcement of previously learned skills.

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