Distance Learning


Distance learning courses are carefully designed, complete learning systems—offering the same comprehensive survey of a given subject as would be offered in a traditional classroom.  This page gives a general description of distance learning and the course components offered. Click here.

Distance Learning License Rights

Extensive distance learning rights are granted to provide institutions with the best possible flexibility for course implementation and content delivery.  With a distance learning license, the courses can be offered as traditional telecourses, blended or hybrid courses or entirely online.  This page describes the various licenses and prices granted. Click here.

Video On Demand

Now distance learning programs can provide video steaming for their enrolled students.  Video streaming services allow institutions to provide quality broadband access to course videos anytime and anywhere.  This page discusses some of the benefits and options of streaming video. Click here.

Textbooks and Study Guides

All courses are correlated to textbooks and study guides from leading publishers.  Together the videos and print materials provide the same comprehensive survey of a given subject as would be offered in a college classroom.  This page lists correlated texts and their respective publishers. Click here.

i-Learning Resources Network

The i-Learning Resources Network is a free online service that offers support material for instructors and myriad resources for students.  These pages discuss the network and describe the various resources. Click here