Dallas Public Schools

The Grammar Key has exceeded my expectations. The eighth grade language arts teachers currently use the program and we see great success in our students. Students have commented that they now truly understand and can remember grammar for the first time. We all have enjoyed the program.

Dawn Martelli, Ed.D
Curriculum and Instruction for Reading
North Dallas, Texas

If you're after a rock solid work-horse of a grammar program,
then your search is over.

What this program offers is a no-nonsense approach to learning our English grammar system. Installation is a snap, and your student should have no problem completing a lesson in a single sitting. The workbook offers a chance for extra review and practice of concepts, as well as a chance for your student to analyze some of his own original sentences. Used in conjunction with the software, it's a no-fail combination. Software doesn't have to be full of bells and whistles to get the job done. It's all here: nouns, verbs, conjunctions, prepositions, gerunds, appositives, and adverbial clauses. If the sight of these words is provoking grammar-phobia, it shouldn't. The Grammar Key provides the best kind of motivation there is: continued success.

Renee Mathis

The beauty of this program is simplicity, consistency, and efficiency.

Students can catch up on all they should have learned with this super-efficient course. Lessons build continually so knowledge is integrated rather than taught in isolation.

With The Grammar Key, we no longer need to have students use book after book covering essentially the same grammar material, since this one resource can be used with students from the middle elementary grades through high school. The instructor's manual presents the lessons in such a fashion that students can read it on their own. After the instruction, students shift to the workbook pages to complete exercises. Periodically, they encounter 'Writing Practice' assignments which have them identify the sentence elements that they have studied thus far within their own short compositions.

The computer monitors student progress, with the capability of tracking unlimited students from the same program.

Cathy Duffy
Curriculum Manual

Author Robert L. Conklin's introduction to students in his grammar workbook is a clue to his desire to encourage them to learn grammar. "Give it a shot before you say you can't do it. Follow the outlined directions and be confident in yourself. It will show."

The software graphics were colorful and the voice was pleasant to listen to as it led me through the first three levels (Beginning, Intermediate, and Professional). I did not feel pressured to get all of the answers correct, but the encouragement was there each time I supplied the correct response. If I chose incorrectly (and I tried that out, too), explanations were given intelligently and then I was allowed to try again.

While reading through the instructional part of each lesson, the student is reminded to take notes. Then the student gets to practice the material by reading, clicking, and/or dragging. Finally the student is told to complete the accompanying workbook pages. A test concludes each chapter. At the end of each major section, the student may print out a certificate of completion. It certainly is possible for a student to work on this study independently.

The Grammar Key was designed to be used as a supplemental program and I believe that it fulfills that goal very well. It would also be extremely useful as a review program of for those students who have never studied grammar, including high school students or adults. It does not have "cutesy" artwork or phrases, but presents the material professionally which will make it attractive to all ages.

Review by
Shirley M.R. Minster, MS Ed.
Home Education and Family Services

“We can’t believe our daughter’s happiness.”

Linda & Al Field
Tampa, Florida

“We feel blessed by it’s success.”

Brian and Holly Massinan
Dubuque, Iowa

“Excellent grammar & punctuation course.”

Dooley Family
Newman, Georgia

“Fantastic, sequential, focused instruction.”

Bill & Audrey O’Sullivan
Savage, Minnesota

"I was failing English but after studying your technique only two evenings, I recieved an 87% and tied for the highest grade on my class exam. However, I was accused of cheating and was required to take the test again. I then made a 96%. Thank you Grammar Key."

Kenton Bouman
7th Grade
Tulsa, OK