Algebra I Interactive Video Tutor

Video instruction

Award winning educators ensures students receive the best instruction available

Lessons are divided into learning objectives to make each lesson easy to accomplish

Hours of comprehensive video instruction covering a wide range of topics

Pre-lesson assessments

Assess knowledge and understanding of math concepts

Prescribe at which place students should begin lessons

Directs students to video instruction explaining how to complete problems similar to those missed in the pre-lesson assessments

Simple navigation makes it easy for students to move between objectives

Log-in feature allows students to return  to their place in the lesson

NCTM and State Standards correlated

Interactive prompts tell students when to work follow-up exercises

Problems available after each objective

Reinforce concepts covered in each lesson

Provide a means to determine students' comprehension once they have had the opportunity to work through each lesson

Steps and explanations displayed incrementally further enhance the learning process prior to taking the post-test

Printable study guides document lessons

Follow along with the video lesson

Provide a place for fill-in-the blank notes and problem solving while viewing the video lessons

Contain additional pencil and paper problems used to reinforce each lesson

Written documentation that tracks student progress

Post-lesson assessments

Tracks students progress and compares to the pre-lesson assessments

PC and Mac compatible; individual, network, and site licenses are available

The AceMath Algebra I series is designed to assess students' understanding of Algebra I concepts and gradually guide them through the learning process. These interactive programs will provide students with individualized instruction, remediation and enrichment while aligning to national standards. AceMath can be deployed individually or can be utilized together depending on the learning level and specific needs of each student. The program is flexible - rich in features yet easy to learn and put to productive use.

An innovation in math learning through technology, the AceMath Interactive Video Tutor incorporates all modalities of learning into one easy to implement learning tool! This fully interactive, self-paced, series allows students to learn Algebra concepts at their own pace and features over 89 lessons. The series offers pre-assessment testing to indicate student's comprehension of a topic and recommend where to begin video lessons, over 22 hours of video instruction, and prompts to work practice problems directly from the CD. The practice exercises contain many useful features that will gradually lead students through the learning process. As they work through each exercise, a helpful strategy guides students towards the correct answer. If students still find that they need help in answering a particular question, they may ask for hints that are revealed on a step-by-step basis. Upon completion of each lesson, students may take a post-assessment test which tracks their performance and compares results to the pre-assessment test; thereby offering valuable feedback for both the students and teachers. The series also offers printable study guides with blackline masters that document and reinforce lessons and offer additional pencil and paper practice problems. Each of the 89 lessons offers between eight and ten interactive practice problems plus additional pencil and paper practice problems, in addition to the video instruction. The series is a proven tool in helping students achieve math success!

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