Social Studies Tutorials

On Common Ground

Civics and government in action... a new approach to U.S. studies in citizenship. For high schools, adult education and correctional institutions.

Framework for Democracy

A new series that de-mystifies the vagaries of government in the 21st century and provides the conceptual tools to understand the future. The series represents an extension of the critically-acclaimed dramatic television series that debuted in fall 1999.

The Unfinished Nation

The 52 half-hour videos in The Unfinished Nation provide the context for learning and give viewers an understanding of significant events that have shaped America's history. Each of the videos combine interviews with leading scholars and historians, archival footage, historical and contemporary photographs, locations of historic interest, historic artifacts, and manuscripts to bring American History to life for the learner.

Sociology - The Way We Live

The Way We Live is a comprehensive introduction to Sociology on 22 half-hour videos. Real-world examples in each video, called Slice of Life. focus on real people and issues and foster a better understanding of the key sociological concepts. Let your students explore the rich tapestry, diversity, and commonality of the human experience; learn to think critically about the challenging issues of our time; and develop a solid understanding of the groups, organizations, and societies which form the contexts for “ the way we live.”

Marriages and Families - Our Families, Ourselves

Our Families, Ourselves looks at the American family in the 21st century.  It examines the momentous events that have shaped the evolution of the American family over more than two hundred years, such as immigration, ethnicity, gender, religion, economics, and poverty.  It discusses marriage in relation to love, commitment and parenting, as well as violence, divorce, and age, and it tries to show the pitfalls that all of us need to avoid in order to maintain our families and our selves.