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Elementary Math - 8 DVDs
Basic Mathematics Core - 20 DVDs
Algebra I - 16 DVDs

Elementary Math DVD Series - 8 DVDs

The Elementary Math Series was developed to teach younger students math concepts in a fun, non-threatening way. The series is fully animated with bright colors and illustrations so students can easily follow and understand the material presented.

For a complete description of DVDs, see our Complete Series Listings.


Basic Mathematics Core - 20 DVDs

This series is extremely helpful to students who want to grasp or review the basic mathematics or who are enrolled in a basic mathematics course or a pre-algebra mathematics course. Topics in this series include whole numbers, fractions, decimals, ratio and proportion, percent and percent applications, perimeter and area, statistics, signed numbers, and the introduction to algebra.

For a complete description of DVDs, see our Complete Series Listings.


Algebra 1 Series - 16 DVDs

This Algebra 1 DVD tutor series was made to give students clear, concise explanations of topics in a manner that the student may enjoy while acquiring the skills necessary to be successful in current and future mathematical courses. Throughout each tape segment, pertinent definitions, theorems, and steps are shown and clearly explained. The lecturer then follows the introduction with a variety of examples, which are thoroughly explained step by step. These examples are graded in difficulty. Students are first exposed to examples that increase their confidence and problem-solving skills; then they are eased gradually through more difficult problems.

Algebra I consists of 89 video segments. Each segment is approximately 15 minutes in length. Topics include algebraic expressions, exponents, real numbers, solving equations and inequalities and applications, polynomials, factoring, rational expressions, graphing linear equations and inequalities in two variables, relations and functions, solving systems of linear equations, radicals, and solving quadratic equations.

DVD 1-Introduction to Real Numbers & Variables

DVD 2-Operations with Real Numbers

DVD 3-Algebraic Expressions

DVD 4-Solving Equations

DVD 5-Problem Solving

DVD 6-Solving Inequalities

DVD 7-Exponents

DVD 8-Operations With Polynomials

DVD 9-Factoring Polynomials

DVD 10-Rational Expressions

DVD 11-Graphing Linear Equations & Inequalities

DVD 12-Slope and Forms of Equations of Lines

DVD 14-Roots & Radicals, Part I

DVD 15-Roots & Radicals, Part II

DVD 16-Solving Quadratic Equations

For a complete description of DVDs, see our Complete Series Listings.

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