Video Tutorials on the Sciences

Physics - The Mechanical Universe

A series of 28 half-hour videos on DVD.  With the help of computer graphics and historical re-enactments, this award winning series addresses such physics subjects as the law of gravitation, waves, electric fields and forces, and relativity.  One of our most popular series.

Oceanography - The Endless Voyage

A series of 26 half-hour videos on DVD.  This award-winning series focuses on the marine environment as a unique and important part of life on earth.  It combines contemporary and historical footage with computer graphics and the interviews of leading authorities in a way that is both engaging and informative. Individual case studies in this series focus on polar and tropical extremes, life on the coast, and the practice of oceanography at a research institute.

Astronomy - Universe: The Infinite Frontier

A series of 21 half-hour videos on DVD.  The Infinite Frontier takes students through the universe in a fascinating voyage of discovery. Perfect for both classroom instruction and personal enrichment.

Earth Sciences - Earth Revealed

A series of 20 half-hour videos on DVD.   Earth Revealed introduces students to the earth’s dynamic interactive systems.  These 20 episodes span the history of the earth’s evolution from the movement of the continents to the development of mountains and valleys. They cover the formation of sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rock as well as the evolution of volcanoes, deserts, glaciers, beaches, and coastlines.

Environmental Studies - Preserving The Legacy

Preserving the Legacy is concerned with first understanding the environment and then learning how to protect it. It was in conjunction with the Partnership for Environmental Technology Education (PETE) and the National Science Foundation.

Psychology - Inside Out

A series of 22 half-hour videos on DVD. This series combines interviews with leading experts and researchers; computer graphics and animation; and real-life case studies. Based on the leading textbooks in the field, and supported by academically-rich video, study guide and online components, Inside Out offers a comprehensive introduction to psychology that goes beyond key concepts and principles to provide learners and up-to-date look at the evolving world of psychological science. 

Sociology - The Way We Live

A series of 22 half-hour videos on DVD. The Way We Live is a comprehensive introduction to Sociology. Real-world examples in each video, called Slice of Life. focus on real people and issues and foster a better understanding of the key sociological concepts. Let your students explore the rich tapestry, diversity, and commonality of the human experience; learn to think critically about the challenging issues of our time; and develop a solid understanding of the groups, organizations, and societies which form the contexts for “ the way we live.”

Marriages and Families - Our Families, Ourselves

Our Families, Ourselves looks at the American family in the 21st century.  It examines the momentous events that have shaped the evolution of the American family over more than two hundred years, such as immigration, ethnicity, gender, religion, economics, and poverty.  It discusses marriage in relation to love, commitment and parenting, as well as violence, divorce, and age, and it tries to show the pitfalls that all of us need to avoid in order to maintain our families and our selves.