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What do you think of when someone talks about “mathematics on television”? An instructor writing equations on a yellow pad, or worse yet, on a blackboard that’s difficult to read? That won’t be your impression once you've seen BY THE NUMBERS, the innovative new business mathematics video series. BY THE NUMBERS is not only interesting television; it is one of the most relevant, instructionally-sound video series your students will ever view.

Each video program in the series establishes the business context for the mathematics. Documentary footage transports students to a variety of business environments and demonstrates the major role mathematics plays in our professional and personal lives. Each program illustrates why the numbers and calculations are important, and how they are used. In other words, it provides a solid conceptual framework within which the text can supply the details. Without this element, mathematics can become a tedious matter of plugging numbers into formulas that have no real relevance ... and no lasting value, beyond the next test.

The initial outline for BY THE NUMBERS was based on information obtained from a nationwide survey in which business mathematics instructors were asked how they would design the ideal course. Their suggestions were supplemented by an examination of course syllabi from high schools and colleges across the country, and a review of the content of major textbooks.

The transformation of the initial content outline into a video series was accomplished with the support of a unique three-tiered advisory structure: the National Academic Advisory Panel, the National Business Advisory Panel, and the Academic Review Panel.

The National Academic Advisory Panel worked with instructional designers to shape the content of BY THE NUMBERS. Their charge? To make certain that the materials are accurate, comprehensive, and match what is expected in as business mathematics course. Scripts did not go into production until they were reviewed by this seasoned core of business math instructors.

The National Business Advisory Panel brought to the project the knowledge and guidance of people who understand how mathematics is used in a business environment. Their responsibility was to ensure that the course accurately reflects the application of mathematical concepts in the real world.

The Academic Review Panel provided the large perspective, responding to key design questions, and verifying that the content of the course meshes with the curriculum requirements of their respective schools and colleges.

This very thorough development process is your assurance that BY THE NUMBERS will meet the needs of learners in a variety of settings, from school to campus to worksite to home.

Topics Covered in Ace-Math By The Numbers

Mathematical Foundations

Basic Business Concepts

The Mathematics of Selling

The Mathematics of Financing

Financial Accounting Concepts

Communicating with Numbers

Read What People Have Said About
Ace-Math By The Numbers:

The video programs do a very good job in presenting
the theory and reasons for a concept, as well as the actual
math calculations. I’d jot a question in the margin when
I was reviewing the videos and then, two or three scenes
later, there the answer to my question would be.
I was very impressed.

Norman Rittgers
Pasadena City College

The role of the host in the video programs helps
to break up the intensity of the learning. His touches of humor
and humanity will make students feel comfortable with a
subject they may not have had much success in.

Willie Felton
St. Petersburg Junior College

Throughout the review process I’ve been very impressed
with the writing style used in the videos, and
with the many good insights presented.

Roland Kelley
Tarrant County Junior College

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