Every time the child makes a correct choice, a rainbow appears in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. After each mistake, Clancy the Leprechaun shows up to make immediate correction and re-teach the concept.

Interactive multimedia lessons

A Personal phonics tutor for each child!

CD-ROM courseware for Discover Intensive Phonics for Yourself is educational technology at its best. The courseware consists of 75 colorful, interactive, bookmarked lessons, each followed by a practice session. The courseware follows the teacher's manual exactly, guiding students from an absolute-zero level of ability through decoding of multi-syllable words.

The courseware actively engages every child in seeing, hearing, speaking and writing. Children hear a warm, friendly, encouraging female voice (human, not electronic!) presenting each lesson as they see the concepts, words and stories illustrated on the screen. They use the keyboard and paper and pencil to practice writing the concepts during each lesson. They say aloud each sound, prompted by the presenter. They hear the elfin voice of Clancy the Leprechaun as he pops on the screen to correct mistakes, and they can click on a video showing how the mouth looks while speaking the sound. Sound effects throughout help keep children's attention focused.

And because the computer is infinitely patient and intrinsically motivating, children with special needs can be more easily and effectively mainstreamed back into the classroom.

The courseware has an optional management system to automatically track student progress. The
management system provides pre- and post-testing, four "interim" tests, a complete reporting system, and 28 fully illustrated stories.

System Requirements