One of the important points of a good phonics program is that it should integrate. It needs to support a transfer of phonics knowledge to all language arts: spelling, listening, writing, and vocabulary development. Discover Intensive Phonics for Yourself provides this integration. Vocabulary development begins with the formation of the first three-letter words and continues throughout the course. Sentence structure is taught and creative writing begins even before the entire alphabet has been taught. Language arts, spelling, listening skills, thinking skills, reading, and creative writing are combined to make sure that students understand how to employ their phonetic knowledge as part of their total learning.

Discover Intensive Phonics for Yourself does NOT require the use of worksheets, workbooks, or specific readers. Learning takes place through multi-sensory, direct instruction at the chalkboard, and teachers can use current basal readers and/or good literature for reading practice, content and comprehension. This makes the program very cost effective since there are no consumable materials and replacement reading programs need not be purchased.

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