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At AceMath, we are dedicated to helping increase student achievement by integrating educational technology into student activities. Consistent with the highest pedagogical standards, our Video CD-ROM Interactive programs offer comprehensive solutions to support parents and students. Our programs also offer media rich curriculum, engaging students in all types of learning styles while allowing parents to monitor their children’s performance. The AceMath Interactive Video Tutor enables parents and students to use technology to improve their math comprehension.

It has long been proven that computer-based learning, when compared to traditional learning methods, results in a better comprehension and retention of the subject material in less instructional time. Educational software has to serve different masters:  students must be able to learn, while parents must find it affordable and easy to implement.

Elementary Math


Basic Mathematics


Algebra I

Let’s Do Math Interactive Dictionary

High School Exit Exam Math Prep

Math Resources Interactive Dictionary

GED Math Prep

TI Graphing Calculator Tutorials

Features of AceMath

• The most comprehensive interactive video tutorials available

• Pre and post lesson assessment tools to measure understanding of key

• Multiple hours of video instruction embedded in the CD-ROM

• Easy, self-paced navigation

• Interactive practice problems

• Printable study guides as a PDF download from the CD-ROM

• Pencil and paper practice problems as a PDF download from the CD-ROM

• Correlates to any textbook or course

• PC and Mac compatible