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How iLRN Works | Implementation & Resources

Online Support Materials for Instructors

Higher Education

The development of online course materials is often a time consuming task. Instructors have a solution to this dilemma with iLRN.

iLRN is designed as a resource for instructors to obtain customizable materials online, for use in conjunction with each distance learning course. It enables instructors offering a course to prepare integrated online components more quickly and make changes easily in order to keep content up-to-date.

iLRN materials may be uploaded to an institution’s web site or imported into any Course Management System (CMS) such as WebCT or Blackboard. These systems offer additional tools such as discussion and email groups, chat, calendars and online testing.

ABE Resources

iLRN also includes support materials and other useful information for teachers and tutors using - or considering - the critically-acclaimed adult education series, Crossroads Café, On Common Ground, Madison Heights, or Lifelines.

Materials and resources available through iLRN will include:

And it's free!