Reading and ESL Tutorials

Ready for Adult Phonics

For Adult Literacy & ESL on VHS and DVD. Ready for Adult Phonics is a simple barebones program for young adults or adults. It is designed for independent use and works well as a tutorial supplementing classroom instruction.

Crossroads Cafe

A New Approach to Learning English For Speakers of Other Languages. Twenty six compelling episodes centered around six likable characters and a neighborhood café.

On Common Ground

A 15 half-hour civics and government series civics on video and VCD (video compact disk).   It is a new approach to U.S. studies in citizenship for high schools, adult centers, and correctional institutions.  It is also a good follow up to Crossroads Café and can be used as an advanced reading and speaking course for ESL students.

Culture Clips

26 thematically-organized documentary 'shorts' that address such topics as immigrating to the United States, the role of police, consumer scams, intercultural marriages and financial pressures.