Pre-Algebra Video Series

The Pre-Algebra video series consists of 31 DVDs. Each DVD is approximately 25-30 minutes in length. Topics include fractions, real numbers, exponents, solving linear equations and inequalities and applications, polynomials, factoring, rational expressions, ratio and proportions, graphing linear equations and inequalities and equations of lines, functions, systems of linear equations and inequalities, radicals, rational exponents, solving quadratic equations. Many of the topic titles are the same as for the intermediate algebra series, but at a level consistent with introductory algebra courses.

This series is extremely helpful to students currently enrolled in a prealgebra course, for review before enrolling in an introductory algebra course, or for anyone wanting a review from basic mathematics to the introduction of algebra.

1101 - Order of Operations. This segment covers order of operations for computations involving several operations and removal of parentheses or grouping symbols.

1102 - Factors and Multiples. This segment covers factoring of whole numbers and the concept of one number being a multiple of another.

1103 - Fractions - Equivalent Fractions, Lowest Terms, Comparing Fractions and Mixed Numbers. This segment covers equivalence of fractions and reduction to lowest terms. Comparison of fractions and mixed numbers is also covered.

1104 - Fractions - Multiplication and Division. This segment covers multiplication of fractions as well as the use of dividing out common factors to simplify the multiplication. Division is covered via inversion of the divisor followed by multiplication.

1105 - Fractions - Least Common Denominator, Addition and Subtraction. This segment covers common denominators for pairs of fractions and addition and subtraction of fractions by first replacing fractions by equivalent fractions all having common denominators. The concept and use of least common denominators is also covered.

1106 - Fractions and Problem Solving. This segment covers solving problems that contain fractions.

1107 - Decimals - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Rounding. This segment covers addition and subtraction of decimals by working in columns with decimal points lined up vertically, multiplication by addition of partial products and location of the decimal point for the product. Rounding of decimal numbers is also covered.

1108 - Decimals - Division, Converting to Fractions. This segment covers long division of decimals as well as conversion from decimals to fractions and fractions to decimals.

1109 - Ratio and Proportion. This segment covers ratio, rate, and proportion. Topics included are writing equivalent ratios, three ways of writing a ratio, and cross multiplication.

1110 - Percent. This segment covers conversion between fractions, decimals and percents. Also included is how to find a percent of a number.

1111 - Integers - Addition and Subtraction. This segment covers addition and subtraction of integers.

1112 - Integers - Multiplication and Division. This segment covers multiplication and division of integers.

1113 - Introduction to Variables. This segment covers an introduction to variables, expressions, and evaluating an expression if given replacement values. Also, formulas are evaluated by substituting given replacement values.

1114 - Solving One Step Equations. This segment covers solving linear equations that can be solved in one step.

1115 - Solving Two Step Equations. This segment covers solving linear equations that can be solved in two steps.

1116 - Solving Equations in General. This segment covers solving the most elementary linear equations so as to provide an introduction to the beginning of algebra. The notion of keeping an equation in balance is covered as well as elementary techniques for isolation of the unknown.

1117 - Proportions and Problem Solving. This segment covers applications solved by setting up and solving proportions. The importance of like units in the denominators is stressed.

1118 - Percent and Problem Solving. This segment covers solving problems that contain percents. Included in this segment are percent increase and percent decrease problems.

1119 - Graphing Linear Equations. This segment covers the slope-intercept and point-slope forms for the equation of a line. The relationship of slope to steepness and methods of calculating slope via rise over run as well as rearrangement into slope-intercept form is covered. Parallel and perpendicular lines are also covered as well as graphing inequalities by graphing their boundary equations and using a test point off the boundary to determine the solution region.

1120 - Exponents. This segment covers the computation of numerical expressions involving whole number exponents as well as the elementary rules of exponents.

1121 - More Exponents and Introduction to Radicals. This segment covers the basic notions of roots and radicals and their relations to whole number exponents.

1122 - Lines, Angles, and Triangles. This segment contains definitions of line segments, rays, angles and their classifications, including right, acute, straight, and obtuse angles. The concept of similar and congruent triangles is also covered.

1123 - Square Roots and the Pythagorean Theorem. This segment covers an introduction to square roots along with simplifying the square root of a perfect square. The Pythagorean Theorem is also introduced to find the unknown side of a right triangle.

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