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COURSE: The Human Condition

Prerequisite: None

This series is a comprehensive course that features leading health care experts and several personal case studies to delve into the following recurring and interrelated topics: the biological, social, and economic dimensions of health; emotional and mental health; sexual and reproductive health; the life cycle; the impact of heredity and lifestyle on health; health and chemical substances; promoting well-being through fitness and nutrition, the battle against infectious and chronic diseases; the individual in the health/medical marketplace; and health care and the global community.


Lesson 1 -The Fabric of Health
Lesson 2 - In Human Terms
Lesson 3 - State of Mind
Lesson 4 - Lives in Balance
Lesson 5 - Behind Closed Doors
Lesson 6 - It's Personal
Lesson 7 - Risky Business
Lesson 8 - The Code
Lesson 9 - Haley or Matthew's Story
Lesson 10 - The Growing Years
Lesson 11 - Web of Addiction
Lesson 12 - Feels so Good (Hurts so Bad)
Lesson 13 - What You Don't Know...

Lesson 14 - Food for Thought
Lesson 15 - Weighing In
Lesson 16 - Working it Out
Lesson 17 - Germ Warfare
Lesson 18 - The Modern Plague
Lesson 19 - Heart of the Matter
Lesson 20 - Brain Attack
Lesson 21 - diagnosis: Cancer
Lesson 22 - Living with Cancer
Lesson 23 - Age Happens
Lesson 24 - Final Chapter
Lesson 25 - The Medical Marketplace
Lesson 26 - What Price?

ASSIGNMENTS: List the assignments, activities, projects and journal entries on the syllabus with the appropriate point value.

EVALUATION: Tests, quizzes, projects, etc

REQUIRED COURSE MATERIALS Textbook : Sandra Alters and Wendy Schiff.
Essential Concepts for Healthy Living, 4th Edition, Boston: Jones and Bartlett Publishing Company, 2006.

Study Guide: Study Guide for The Human Condition, by Wendy Schiff. Boston: Jones and Bartlett Publishing Company, 2006.