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The videos in the award-winning series Something Ventured together serve as a comprehensive primer on small business management by showing prospective entrepreneurs, and those already in business, how to investigate and evaluate business opportunities, acquire skills and knowledge needed to establish a new firm, market products or services, manage the human and fiscal demands of a business operation and meet the organization’s social responsibility to its community. Case studies throughout the series focus on individual businesses, bringing all the dynamism of owning and operating your own company to life in a way that entertains while it instructs.

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Topics Covered in Something Ventured

1. Small Business in a Big World illustrates impact of small businesses in today’s society.

2. On Your Own provides an introspective into small business ownership, and features entrepreneurs with different businesses, backgrounds, and locations.

3. Finding A Niche focuses on how a particular type of business is selected for development.

4. New or Used? reveals how company records can be used to determine asset value, profitability, and goodwill when analzying the advantages of new or used options.

5. The Ties that Bind explores the advantages and disadvantages of buying and owning a franchise.

6. A Different Look. Case study of Nicole Miller.

7. Taking Aim stresses the important marketing strategy of correctly identifying potential customers.

8. Where to Hang the Sign outlines the many factors involved in choosing a location for a new small business: appearance, style of surrounding businesses, parking and general facility needs.

9. The Buck Starts Here evaluates how much capital a small business needs and where to get it.

10. Making It Legal describes the three forms of small business ownership proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations and presents examples of each.

11. From the Ground Up. Case study of RAW Architecture.

12. The Right Mix emphasizes how the focus of a small business must be on the customer. Once market research determines a target market and the motivations for buying, a product or service can be developed.

13. What the Market Will Bear examines experiences small businesses have encountered and some techniques that can be used to develop appropriate pricing structure.

14. Out From the Crowd considers how various small businesses distinguish themselves, emphasizing the importance of customer service and the training of sales personnel.

15. Going Places looks at various channels of distribution available to the small business owner, as well as factors that should be considered in selecting one.

16. A Vintage Blend. Case study of Foris Vineyard.

17. Making the Pieces Fit analyzes the deficiencies related to the five management functions - planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling - that cause small business failure.

18. The Human Factor conveys the importance of determining the needs and skills for your business in selecting the right employees.

19. Taking Stock details how purchasing and inventory control are essential to the successful management of a small business.

20. "The Play’s the Thing…". Case study of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

21. Keeping Track describes why the development of a viable accounting system and knowing how to use the information can mean the difference between success and failure.

22. The Money Flow looks at a series of strategies a small business can use to strengthen its cash position and maintain a sound financial footing.

23. Risky Business explores the variety of risks small businesses commonly face and the ways in which they can cope with them.

24. Publish or Perish. Case study of Sun Publications.

25. For Everyone’s Good zooms in on two issues -- the honesty of the small firm, and it’s community involvement.

26. It’s the Law examines the major federal, state, and local regulations that affect small businesses, as well as legal agreements and relationships that are a part of most small business operations.

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