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Beyond Phonics Demo Videos

2 DVDs—80 minutes each.
Ages 7-12 (2nd to 5th Grade)

Using tales instead of nursery rhymes to appeal to a a slightly older audience, Beyond Phonics recaps phonics and reading basics by introducing vowels, uppercase letters, plurals, punctuation, root words, compound words, suffixes, and other related topics. After each pertinent tale, a comforting narrator introduces the animated letters, sounds, and words to be reviewed and asks the viewer to repeat them.

Since advanced reading requires lessons that go beyond the limitations of phonics--context, comprehension, syllabication, and sight reading skills are essential if students are to achieve reading advancement and enjoyment. Beyond Phonics provides a bridge for young readers from basic word sounding to instant word and thought recognition. One of the key objectives of this program is to assist remedial students by re-establishing and reinforcing self-esteem, an important step in helping students to reach their respective grade levels.

Beyond Phonics takes a "You can do it!" approach to reading instruction. It never talks down to children. Rather, it compels achievement in a sensitive, friendly, and often humorous manner. Computer animation, music, songs, tales, stories, and live action footage--directly related to reading lessons--enliven the pace, hold student interest, and make going forward a positive experience.

What others have said...

“The Ready for Phonics series (which is definitely more fun than I remember phonics to be) offers a review of the alphabet, followed by enhanced iconographic animated stories. After each tale, the program focuses on specific letters used to start various words throughout the story. The second tape in the series covers more letters and the numbers 2-10, while the third and forth tapes offer more advanced introductions to long and short vowels, word families, and diphthongs and blends, among other topics. A four-tape sequel Beyond Phonics follows.” Recommended.

Randy Pitman
Video Librarian

“These videos are one of the finest teaching-learning tools I have ever used! I wish I had them 25 years ago! Your videos are comprehensive, effective and appealing to kids. They hold the interest of children and the student participation is a plus! My students love them!”

Nancy Ritch
Grade 1 Teacher/Special Education Administrator
St. Mary School, Bedford, OH

I was very happy to see that you now have phonics videos for adults; we have recently had several requests for them. We already carry your "Ready for Phonics" and "Beyond Phonics" series and have found both to be very popular. In fact, they rarely remain on the shelf for more than a day or two before they are checked out again!

Deanna Frazee
Director of Library Services
Killeen Public Library
Killeen, Texas

“This introduction to basic phonics will be helpful for young children or ESL students.”

School Library Journal

“They were immediately checked out. The first was gone in 1/2 hour”

Willowick-Eastlake Public Library, Willowick, OH

"Attractive to all."

Shirley Minsker, Family Times

Series on 2 DVDs + Workbook on CD-ROM: $9000

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