Elementary School Research Results

Video Resources Software, producers of the award winning AceMath media library, is pleased to announce the results of a recent study at a Title I school, conducted by Dr. Robert Cage with Educational Planners and Evaluators.  At the 2nd grade level, student’s scores increased a total of 21.7 % in the experimental group over the control group.  The experimental group utilized the AceMath Elementary Math series to supplement traditional teaching methods.  The Control Group received instruction using traditional teaching methods only

An innovation in math learning through technology, the AceMath Interactive Video Tutor incorporates all modalities of learning into one easy to implement learning tool!  These adaptive self-paced learning tools offer pre-assessment testing to indicate student’s comprehension of a topic and recommend where to begin video lessons, video instruction, and interactive practice problems, printable study guides with blackline masters that document and reinforce lessons and offer additional pencil and paper practice problems, and printable lesson summaries.  In the spring of 2005, the new AscendTM Assessment Package will integrate adaptive assessment targeted instruction plans, and effective and actionable reposting with the individualized instruction that is currently available with the AceMath series.  The program is rich in features yet easy to learn and put to productive use.  The series are proven tools in helping students achieve math success!

The wide-ranging Ace Math library contains over 400 lessons broken into thousands of learning objectives covering 14 separate mathematics subjects.  The series are NCTM standards based and correlated to most state standards, easily aligning to any math course or textbook.  Proven through scientifically-based research, AceMath offers successful teaching methods from master teachers Elayn Martin-Gay, Dr. Maurice Dupre, Susan Danielson, and Rebecca Muller.

Video Resources Software is the established leader in mathematics multimedia production since 1987.  It has created and produced over 5,000 videos and 600 CD’s and DVD’s in subjects ranging from Pre-K to College Calculus.  This experience and close attention to students and educators feedback has perfected the instruction offered in the AceMath series.  Video Resources Software has received overwhelmingly enthusiastic responses from educators using the series.  AceMath is nationally recognized for the powerful impact it is having on students’ comprehension and performance in math.