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From the producers of the highly successful, nationally televised ESL series Crossroads Cafe comes this five-part video series for intermediate students about life in the United States and U.S. culture. Culture Clips consists of 26 thematically-organized documentary 'shorts' on DVD that address such topics as immigrating to the United States, the role of police, consumer scams, intercultural marriages and financial pressures.

By identifying the main ideas of each Culture Clips video and sharing their opinions, students learn about life in their new country and how to deal with cultural differences. Culture Clips also provides students with the tools they need for coping with the often challenging situations they must face everyday.

Each Culture Clips video compilation is approximately 15 minutes long and includes a list of correlated discussion questions or exercises teachers can use with their students.

Culture Clips Series
(five videos on DVD)

Immigration and Citizenship
(Immigrating to America. Family Traditions. Adjusting to a New Culture. Returning to Your Native Country. The Citizenship Process. Elections and Government.)

Job Skills
(Finding and Interviewing for Jobs. Worker Protection and Benefits. U.S. Attitude About Time. Career Changes. Job Discriminations.)

Community Building
(Neighbors Working to Prevent Crime. Roles of a Police Officer. Solutions to Gang Problems. Officer. Achieving Goals.)

U.S. Culture and Customs
(Wedding Customs. The Roles Couples Choose. Intercultural Marriages. Raising Children. Single Parenting. Aging in the United States.)

Living in the United States
(Consumer Scams. Renting. Taxes. The Hospital Environment. Financial Pressures.)

5 Video Series on DVD: $29500

For Public Libraries, the videos can stand alone.

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