AceBusiness Small and Large
For Colleges, Corporations, the Military, High Schools, and Public Libraries.

Business SoftSkills
Business SoftSkills is a complete and concise video curriculum that can either be self-taught or used in a classroom or seminar settings as part of job readiness programs. This video series uses virtual hosts along with informative chapters to convey key workplace skills. If someone has been laid off or if someone is working on a promotion or transitioning to another position—this series has real relevance.

By the Numbers
A 26 half-hour business math series. Students will not only learn business math but also observe workers and managers using it to solve real world problems in the workplace.

Something Ventured
A 26 half-hour business series.  It works as a comprehensive primer on small business management by showing entrepreneurs how to evaluate opportunities, acquire skills (management, marketing, finance, etc.), establish a new business, and keep it growing.

Taking the Lead
A 26 half-hour management series.  It examines the challenging world of management in large corporations and government organizations and talks about multinational markets and global competition, the explosive force of technology, and the cultural and social diversity of the workforce.

The Sales Connection
A 26 half-hour business sales series.  Students view compelling interviews with the most respected experts in the field as well as the first-hand experiences and live-action observations of salespeople "in the trenches.”

Business and the Law
A 26 half-hour business law series.  It addresses the law of sales, commercial paper, agency, and property –-examining such critical legal topics as government regulation, employment practices, and consumer and environmental protection.