C500 Basic Teacher's Kit
( Recommended for ages 6 to 9 )

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Includes:  The "Discover Intensive Phonics for Yourself" Teacher's Manual (2 volumes), Parent Involvement Pack (black line), Appendix with games and activities, 13 wall size posters showing sounds / skills and most common words, two flip charts, enrichment CD with teacher helps, 616 reverse listening cards, and a portable carrying case.

Teacher's Manual

This well-scripted, spiral-bound manual is contained in two volumes and guides the teacher through the presentation of all consonants, vowel sounds, and blends. It then proceeds step-by-step through the 42 sounds of the alphabet, five phonetic skills, and two decoding skills. In 81 lessons, the sequential, multi-sensory presentation helps students achieve mastery of reading and spelling. It also integrates language arts and listening, thinking, and handwriting skills. Mastery checks allow for accountability and show student progress.

Enrichment CD-ROM

This CD-ROM provides step-by-step instruction for using the method and materials. Video footage is also included demonstrating the direct instruction method. Student Involvement Material masters, included on the CD-ROM, print directly from the computer.

Reverse Listening Cards

These cards are primarily for use by students at the chalkboard. "Reverse Listening Cards" refers to reversing the listening skill to a reading skill. The packet contains 616 different cards in each of 10 skill areas. Cards are color-coded to specific sections in the manual and numbered for ease of handling. Each card is different, allowing for a great variety of drill and practice. Use of the cards also helps develop independent-work skills.

13 Wall-Size Posters

The kit's wall posters include the 42 sounds of the alphabet, consonant blends, vowels, 5 phonetic skills, and Most Common Words (9 posters).

Two Flip Charts

Using blends and single letters of the alphabet, the hands-on flip charts show students how different sounds and words are formed by changing beginning, middle and ending letter combinations. 


This fantastic addition to our manual provides games, reading and writing activities, flash cards, and instructions for teachers to implement these activities in the classroom. Included are 28 small stories that can be copied and folded into "Little Books" to send home with children.

Parent Involvement Pack

This pack provides practice pages for students to complete at home as they progress. When parents understand the methods and can work with students at home, students' success rates are enhanced.

Portable Carrying Case

This light, durable case contains all the Teacher's Kit materials, keeping them safe, organized, and handy.