The Discover Intensive Phonics for Yourself approach provides an opportunity for students to work at their own level and at their own pace. Work can be individualized or accomplished in small or large groups. Classroom instruction is presented using a direct instruction, multi-sensory methodology, which respects individual learning styles. The program is augmented with optional, interactive computer courseware, which provides an additional avenue for student interaction.

Discover Intensive Phonics is a must for students suffering from dyslexia and/or learning disabilities. The more severe the problem, the more necessary it is to use explicit, sequential intensive phonics instruction. The phonetic elements are taught in a logical order, simple to complex. The sound/symbol unit is then read and spelled in words; those words, in turn, are couched in sentences; and the sentences, in turn, are placed in simple stories. Additionally, the unique marking system utilized in the Discover Intensive Phonics approach and the multi-sensory instructional techniques employed have proven to be extremely effective for students who suffer from dyslexia (please see details under Multi-sensory). Current research reveals that intensive phonics training and phonics-based computer reading programs can actually rewire crucial neural circuitry in students who have trouble learning to read.

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